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I am Chris Lambacher. Welcome to my blog.

I am a programmer living and working in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, which is between Toronto and Hamilton. I mostly do embedded C and C++ programming, but also get to work with Python.

I interested in photography. I got a Canon EOS Digital Rebel (300D) almost a year ago and have improved a lot since then. You can check out my best pictures on flickr.

I am recently married to Kate, our 5 month anniversary was yesterday. I have known Kate since my second year of university. We didn't get together until my second year of grad school, 6 years later. We were really good friends before that. Many of the people were surprised by our getting married and many were not. Wedding photos are on my other photo page.

This blog will likely be mostly technical, a little bit photographic and a little bit personal. I hope whoever reads this finds some kind of amusement.

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