I Made it Through the First Week of Work

July 08, 2006 at 04:24 PM | categories: General | View Comments

So far so good. I had a computer, a phone (which worked) and a cubicle when I arrived on Tuesday. What I didn't have was a functioning user account. There are always these sorts of hickups in the first little while of working anywhere.

I seem to get along with the team pretty well and and I got to email some people I know on Friday, after I got my email address sorted out. I think Kamran and I are going to get together for luch on Monday. We'll see if I can manage to meet up with Brian some time next week too.

The stuff I will be working on seems interesting, but very much software only. I say that in contrast to what I was doing at Evertz and on internship with Nortel, which was embedded development and very tied to hardware. I am going to get a demo of everything that they are doing on Monday morning. That will be good for getting a more thourough understanding of what I am doing.

This weekend is all about finishing up with setting up the house. We have no air conditioning so it can get a bit hot, which is why I am taking a break to write this. I hope that we also get out to go for a walk somewhere I can take my camera and get some pictures. I haven't taken any in a couple of weeks and I am starting to get withdrawl :)

I think we will get through the majority of the rest of the house setup this weekend.  The only big tasks left are: hang curtains in the spare bedroom, frost the glass on the front door and hang the mirror that goes over our dresser.  The last one is the worst.  It has hooks embedded into it, so I will have to have the screws in the wall in exactly the right locations, or it won't work.  There is not a lot of margin for error.  It took Kate and I at least an hour to put it up in the last place.  The rest is just hang pictures and put away the last remnants of stuff that needs to find a home.  It will be really nice to be done with it.

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